Pendelton Woolen Mills

I have always been a fan of Pendleton Woolen Mills and their high quality products. After developing the theme for the Automattic 2014 holiday package “comfort and joy” I immediately thought of the Merino wool blankets from Pendleton.

Pendleton is known for their lightweight, luxurious 100% pure virgin wool clothing. A family-owned business for 150 years, and for the past 104 of those years they’ve been weaving world-class woolens in their Northwest Mills.

In August I had an initial meeting with them, learned about the process, and what it would take to get Automattic’s colors and branding on one of their products. A big thanks to Dave Whitley, Mel Choyce, Thianh Lu & David Opel for making sure everything looked crisp and all bills were paid on time.

In October when the blankets were on the loom I traveled to Washougal, WA to meet the facilities manager and capture the production process. Below please find photos and videos from raw wool entering the factory, to washing, dying, spooling, and ultimately looming.

Most of the production is still running on 100+ year old machines, and it was an amazing experience to see all of this machinery still in action!

If you happen to have one of these blankets please post a picture of yours in your home on the comments. Would be thrilled to see them in use in your home!

Automattic order posted to the board


Raw Wool is processed

Dyed Wool


Spinning Webs

Code Library

Setup Weaving

Soldiers Marching

Weaving in Color


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