Reflections from Rachel #2

There are a ton of things here that make you stop and say, “well that’s clever.” Things just work right here and there is very little fumbling around with poorly designed products or processes. This, of course, heightens my awareness of my own fumblings (seriously, why doesn’t anyone here have crumbs on their shirt or papers falling out of their purse?). It is humbling and just a teeny bit annoying but also totally inspiring.

Take for example, the toilet paper holder in the bathroom of our rental apartment (see video). Admittedly, I have been moderately obsessed with the restrooms in Japan. Their cleanliness, technology and public availabilty are something special to a girl with a small bladder. But its just that, something special. While all the bells and whistles of a Japanese toilet seems properly placed here, I am just not sure America is ready for the heated toilet seat.

But, seriously, why can’t we have this awesome plastic little invention to hold our toilet paper? Imagine a life with no more springs rolling on the floor while you hold a roll of toilet paper under your chin and try to remember what DIY project you wanted to save the tube for. I know I will always fumble with the papers in my purse and brush crumbs off my chest hours after they land there, but maybe, just maybe, we could take a lesson from the Japanese on this one and have one less complication to deal with.

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